William McKinley

January 29, 1843: William McKinley Jr. was born in Niles, Ohio

1852: Moved to Poland, Ohio with his family

June 1861: Enlisted in the Union army

September 1862: Fought in the Battle of Antietam

1865: Promoted to Brevet Major

1866: Attended Albany New York Law School

1867: Admitted to the Ohio Bar, Moved to Canton

1869: Elected Stark County Prosecutor

January 25, 1871: Married Ida Saxton

December 25, 1871: Daughter Katherine born.

1873: Daughter Ida born in April, Died in August

June 25, 1875: Daughter Katherine died

1876: First Elected to Congress

1878, 1880, 1882, 1884 to 1890: Re-elected to Congress

1890: McKinley Tariff Act adopted

1891: Elected governor of Ohio

1893: Re-elected governor, Marcus Hanna became McKinley’s presidential campaign manager

June 1896: Nominated to presidency

November 1896: Elected 25th President of the United States

March 4, 1897: First inauguration.

1898: Won the Spanish American War, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines were ceded to the United States

November 1900: Re-elected President

March 4, 1901: Second inauguration

September 6, 1901: Shot in Buffalo New York at the Pan-American Exposition by Leon Czolgosz

September 14, 1901: Died from infection

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