Clara Barton

Carole Starre-Kmiecik, who portrays many women of history, will bring her one-woman show, portraying Clara Barton, founder of the US Red Cross, to the National McKinley Birthplace Memorial Auditorium on Saturday March 18, 2017 at 2PM. Admission to this family event is free. This event is the first in the series of centennial events we have planned for this year.

New Time Capsule to be Placed in Memorial

Please help! Plans are underway to create a new Time Capsule to be placed in the Memorial for future discovery, and we would like to hear your suggestions and recommendations on items to be added.

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The Time Capsule

The time capsule, which was placed in the cornerstone on November 20, 1915, was viewed by the public for the first time on October 14, 2017. While we were unable to remove this time capsule from its resting place, we do have photos of the time capsule in the cornerstone. We would like to thank Steve Sava and Richard Hale for their work drilling into the cornerstone and doing the camera work.

Re-dedication of the National McKinley Birthplace Memorial

Approximately 200 people attended the centennial re-dedication of the National McKinley Birthplace Memorial, held on October 14, 1917. We had a great time. Trish Scarmuzzi, curator of the National McKinley Birthplace Museum, emceed the event. Mike Wilson as President William Howard Taft gave Taft’s dedication speech. Dorothy Butler, great-great granddaughter of our founder Joseph G. Butler, Jr. gave her great-great grandfather’s dedication speech. The Niles McKinley High School Band and also the Belles and Beaux performed. Ethan Hess, a student at Niles McKinley High School, sang the National Anthem. Theresa Martin, assistant curator of the National McKinley Birthplace Museum, gave the history of the building. Proclamations from the Trumbull County commissioners as well as Judge Fredericka, were given by Commissioner Frank Fuda. And Edward Stredney gave a proclamation on behalf of Niles Mayor Thomas Scarnecchia.


One Hundred Years Ago Today

“Niles Extends Hands of Welcome,” Niles Daily News, October 4, 1917. Retrieved 7.6.2-15 from

On Octtober 4, 1917, the eve of the dedication ceremony, the Niles Daily News ran a series of articles relating to the imminent dedication.

The article entitled, “Everytning [sic] in Readiness Dedication of Memorial Tomorrow, October 5” stated that stands were erected and the yard prepared for the “greatest thing ever done in its [Niles] history.” The city was decorated in red, white, and blue, and patriotic feelings ran high. Ceremonies were to be held in Auditorium in case of rain. The article listed the program of events, including a parade by Grand Army of the Republic to start at noon; the building to be open to the public 9AM-10PM; and a “Proclamation” by Mayor Charles Crow proclaiming  Friday October 5, 1917 a holiday.

The article “Former Secretary to M’Kinley Will be Here Friday” stated that the committee had received a wire on Friday October 4 that George Cortelyou, McKinley’s former Secretary, would attend and would deliver the address “McKinley the President” at the dedication ceremonies. Mr. Cortleyou would arrive at the Erie Station at 6AM and be met by the reception committee. [Note: George Cortelyou was the Grandfather of George R. Bechtel, whose large collection of “McKinleyana” is one of the largest collections in the National McKinley Birthplace Museum.]

Similar to what many newspapers run today, the article     “Regulation for Traffic Announced,” discussed several miscellaneous items. Final committee meetings were held October 3, 1917. The Finance committee appropriated $3000 for the dedication. Fifty plainclothes police from Niles and twenty from Youngstown would provide security. The Reception committee would be headquartered in City Hall. Additionally, there would be no parking on West Park, South State St., Mill St., Church St., and Robbins Avenue. High school boys will park cars for .a twenty-five cent donation to the Niles Athletic Club. The article also listed detour and parade routes.

The article “Stand Erected for Speakers Review” indicated that the reviewing stand would be in front of the old Central School.

The article “Car Service Tripled” stated that street car service would be tripled starting at 9:30 AM. All cars from Youngstown will go through to Niles and Warren. Limited service will be doubled, as each car will have a trailer. In addition, six cars would run from Warren each hour rather than the usual three.