Clara Barton

Carole Starre-Kmiecik, who portrays many women of history, will bring her one-woman show, portraying Clara Barton, founder of the US Red Cross, to the National McKinley Birthplace Memorial Auditorium on Saturday March 18, 2017 at 2PM. Admission to this family event is free. This event is the first in the series of centennial events we have planned for this year.

McKinley Christmas 2017

One hundred sixty-two people enjoyed McKinley Christmas 2017 at the National McKinley Birthplace Memorial. IMG_0400

Mike Wilson as President William McKinley spoke and led tours.


Pianist Clay Colley entertained us with jazz arrangements of popular Christmas tunes.


Guitarist Phil Monren entertained with classical stylings of Christmas carols.


And members of Natalie’s Dance Company danced for the attendees.

We hope all enjoyed the show. We certainly did!


McKinleys Adjust to Life in the White House

With thanks to Patrick Finan, here is the next in the Tribune Chronicle’s weekly series. We knew the White House was in bad shape when the McKinley lived there. And ironically, we were just discussing the state of the White House when the Roosevelts moved in  with Theodore Roosevelt recently. Here is the article: