Clara Barton

Carole Starre-Kmiecik, who portrays many women of history, will bring her one-woman show, portraying Clara Barton, founder of the US Red Cross, to the National McKinley Birthplace Memorial Auditorium on Saturday March 18, 2017 at 2PM. Admission to this family event is free. This event is the first in the series of centennial events we have planned for this year.

Triumph of Faith

“Niles Woman Writes Words for the M’Kinley Oratorio,” Niles Daily News. June 21, 1917. Retrieved 4.1.2015 from

This artile tells about the origin of the oratorio “The Triumph of Faith” which was written in honor of William McKinley. Mrs. Marian Kelly of Niles wrote the words. Mr. Lynn H. Dana, also of Niles [and the Dana School of Music, then located in Warren], wrote the music. The oratorio was part of the dedication festivities. This work was of a national scope. Mr. Dana directed a chorus of two thousand voices, and a sixty-piece orchestra/ Work began on the piece in September 1916, and was completed April 1917. Mr. Dana, who was the director of the oratorio, was also chosen as Dean of the McKinley National McKinley Birthplace Memorial​Association.


Penn Ohio Model A Club visit

We really enjoyed hosting the Penn Ohio Model A Club. They enjoyed listening to Mike Wilson as William McKinley speak.

And anyone who was around the Memorial this morning also got a special treat! Our parking lot (as well as that of the Holeton Yuhasz Funeral Home across the street) has not looked like this in a long time. Thanks to the club members for this special treat!

McKinley in the Tribune Chronicle

Once again, we’ve made the Tribune Chronicle. The first article is about our Centennial celebration, along with our most recent event, Paul Rohrbaugh speaking bout “Uncle Joe: The Life and Times of Joseph Butler.” The second link is the next in the series of weekly articles honoring the 120th anniversary of William McKinley’s first Presidential term.

And we (finally!) have a date!

“October 5 is Date for Dedication,” Niles Daily News, June 2, 1917. Retrieved 4.1.2015 from
Former President William Howard Taft says he can come
Construction delays caused the postponement of the dedication. The memorial was originally to have opened in summer, then early fall. Dependent upon the state of national affairs at that time, President Wilson might attend. It was also announced that state and National Republican leaders will attend.