Farmers Market Announcement

The market will be moving to the memorial grounds this summer! More information will be available soon. Make sure to follow the market facebook page here: & the instagram account here:

Remembering the USS Maine

This day in 1898 the USS Maine explodes and sinks, killing hundreds. Learn more about this event with any of the links below!

Internships Available

Are you a current undergraduate or graduate student at an accredited university? Apply to our internship program today! Get a wide range of experience working in a local museum while earning college credit. Click here for the full internship description!

Harry Potter Yule Ball

The McKinley Memorial Library is holding it's Yule Ball in our Auditorium on February 16th, 2019 at 6 pm. "Join us in the McKinley Auditorium for a variety of wizarding world activities. Get sorted into a Hogwarts House, concoct potions, and dance the night away! Come dressed as your favorite Harry Potter-themed character for a... Continue Reading →

Go Art Contest!

Have you ever wanted to see your own art on the side of a bus? Have you ever thought "you know, the McKinley Memorial in watercolor would look really great on the side of a bus"? Well! We are sponsoring this really cool project from Power of the Arts where your art and our logo will make... Continue Reading →

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