Re-dedication of the National McKinley Birthplace Memorial

Approximately 200 people attended the centennial re-dedication of the National McKinley Birthplace Memorial, held on October 14, 1917. We had a great time. Trish Scarmuzzi, curator of the National McKinley Birthplace Museum, emceed the event. Mike Wilson as President William Howard Taft gave Taft’s dedication speech. Dorothy Butler, great-great granddaughter of our founder Joseph G. Butler, Jr. gave her great-great grandfather’s dedication speech. The Niles McKinley High School Band and also the Belles and Beaux performed. Ethan Hess, a student at Niles McKinley High School, sang the National Anthem. Theresa Martin, assistant curator of the National McKinley Birthplace Museum, gave the history of the building. Proclamations from the Trumbull County commissioners as well as Judge Fredericka, were given by Commissioner Frank Fuda. And Edward Stredney gave a proclamation on behalf of Niles Mayor Thomas Scarnecchia.


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