One Hundred Years ago Today

On October 1, 1917, the Niles Daily News ran three articles relating to the dedication of the McKinley Memorial.
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The article “About 50 Police for Dedication” stated that fifty police were to be sworn in for duty and they were to wear special badges, which could be saved as souvenirs.

An editorial, “Interesting Letter Regarding Holliday [sic] for Friday October 5” stated that Joseph Butler received a letter from ‘A Laboring Man’ asking that a day off be declared throughout the Mahoning Valley on the day of the dedication.

While many businesses throughout the Mahoning Valley remained open on October 5, 1917. business and school in Niles closed. In the article “School will Close for Dedication” Board President Hackett announced that Niles schools would be closed so that children can take part in the dedication.

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