July 4 in the McKinley White House

According to researcher James Heintze , this is how the McKinleys spent each of the Independence Days during the Major’s Presidency:

1897- McKinley spends the day with his mother in Canton, Ohio, and attends services at the First M.E. Church.

1898- McKinley is in the White House receiving hundreds of telegrams congratulating him on the progress of the war with Spain

1899- McKinley is in the White House

1900- McKinley is in Canton, Ohio, reviewing a parade.

1901- The President is in the White House.
Retrieved 6.22.2017 from “From What did the Presidents Do on the Fourth of July?” http://gurukul.american.edu/heintze/FourthPres.htm

Since President McKinley spent the holiday at home and/or with family, our staff is also doing the same. We are closed for the holiday, but will re-open again at 9AM tomorrow. Happy Fourth!

Fourth of July

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