Triumph of Faith

“Niles Woman Writes Words for the M’Kinley Oratorio,” Niles Daily News. June 21, 1917. Retrieved 4.1.2015 from

This artile tells about the origin of the oratorio “The Triumph of Faith” which was written in honor of William McKinley. Mrs. Marian Kelly of Niles wrote the words. Mr. Lynn H. Dana, also of Niles [and the Dana School of Music, then located in Warren], wrote the music. The oratorio was part of the dedication festivities. This work was of a national scope. Mr. Dana directed a chorus of two thousand voices, and a sixty-piece orchestra/ Work began on the piece in September 1916, and was completed April 1917. Mr. Dana, who was the director of the oratorio, was also chosen as Dean of the McKinley National McKinley Birthplace Memorial​Association.


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