“Attended School with William McKinley in the “Little White School”

Group of McKinley school mates reunion

“Annually, the boys and girls of many years ago, who were mates of William McKinley in the “Little White School,” a frame structure which was located back of Main street where the Presbyterian Church now stands, meet in reunion, when they enjoy a picnic, exchange reminiscences and have a general social time. The above photograph was taken at the reunion four years ago. In the center of the group will be seen President Joseph G. Butler, Jr., of the National McKinley Memorial Association, and at his side Mrs. Maria Kyle, one of the pioneer teachers of Niles and McKinley’s instructor. Mrs. Kyle passed away about three years ago.”
This photo and caption was included in the “Special McKinley Memorial Edition” of the Niles Daily News, August 2, 1915. http://mckinley.advantage-preservation.com/Viewer/?pt=31188&by=1915&bm=8&bd=2&pbd=08/02/1915-08/02/1915&fn=the_niles_daily_news_usa_ohio_niles_19150802_english_13&df=11&dt=16&tc=16&cnt=United%20States%20of%20America&sn=Ohio&cn=Niles&pn=The%20Niles%20Daily%20News

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