On this Day in 1901

We remember President William McKinley every day, but most especially today. He was shot 115 years ago today, September 6, 1901.  Tragically, he was not taken to the Buffalo City Hospital, where indoor lighting was available in the operating room, because it was feared he would not survive the trip to the hospital, the President was taken by electric ambulance to the small infirmary on the fairgrounds. Indoor lighting was not available in that building , although there was lighting on the outside of the building. This forced the surgeons to operate by having an assistant hold a mirror to direct sunlight into the wound. Additionally, there was an X-ray machine on display at the fair. However, this was such new technology, the surgeons decided against trying to use it to locate the bullet. Hence, the bullet was left inside the President. He died at the home of the President of the Exposition, John Milburn, which was where President and Mrs. McKinley were staying. http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/president-william-mckinley-is-shot

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