Niles Daily News July 22, 1916 construction update

“M’Kinley Memorial Nears Completion,” Niles Daily News, July 22, 1916. Retrieved 3.31.2015 from
This article stated that reinforced concrete work was complete, including that on the main floor, the stage, and balcony of the auditorium wing. Steam fitters were coming the next week. Roof construction was held up due to lack of a hoist, however a steam elevator hoist was then enroute from Youngstown. Most of the concrete floor was complete on library wing. Large shipments arrived daily. The contractors and subcontractors had already received the ventilating equipment, and roofing tile was soon to arrive. Six massive columns were already in place, with capitals in place on three of them. More columns were ready for placement, and laid in the yard until they could be placed.

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