Bronze Plaques

“Tablet for the M’Kinley Memorial.” Niles Daily News, June 17, 1916. Retrieved 3.31.2015 from
This article stated that a relief tablet of Thomas Struthers, for whose family the town near Youngstown was named, was to be placed, along with others, in the McKinley Memorial.

This list indicates the bronze plaques that are in the auditorium wing, along with their locations.

Stairway leading up to West Balcony:
Henry Stambaugh
Lucius E. Cochran
Thomas Struthers
Joseph H. Brown
Richard Brown
Asahel Medbery
Joseph Green Butler, Sr.

Stairway leading up to East Balcony:
Myron C. Wick
John Stambaugh
Henry Bishop Perkins
Warren Packard
Frank E. Mason
Major James E. Botsford
Workers’ protection pledge

On East Balcony: McKinleyTo West Balcony Thomas Struthers

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