ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO TODAY (November 20, 1915) the cornerstone for the National McKinley Birthplace Memorial​ was laid. The first photo is a recent picture of the cornerstone, which is inscribed “Erected 1915 to perpetuate the name and achievements of William McKinley Twenty-fifth President of the United States of America Born Jan. 29th 1843 — Died Sept 14th 1901.” The second and third photos are of the program, and give the names of various people and groups involved with the cornerstone laying. The fourth photo is of a level used in laying the cornerstone. And the final two photos are of a silver trowel used to lay the cornerstone. The inscription on the trowel reads, “The silver trowel was used to lay the cornerstone of the National McKinley Birthplace Memorial November 20, 1915.” All of these are on exhibit at the museum. Please come to see them in person.

DSCF3949     1995.1.86   1995.1.86 (2)     1995.1.92     1995.1.93 (3)     1995.1.93 (4)

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