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James Humes. Which President Killed a Man? Tantalizing Trivia and Fun Facts about Our Chief Executives and First Ladies. New York: MJF Books, 2003.
P 31: Winston Churchill met seven presidents or men who would become presidents. Which was the first president that he met?
“’A Procession of Presidents’
William McKinley. At the White House, McKinley hosted the newly elected member of Parliament in December 1899. McKinley was taken by Churchill’s energy and intelligence. The first man Churchill met who would become president was Governor Theodore Roosevelt in Albany, New York in December 1900. Roosevelt, at that time, was vice president elect.
Churchill was impressed by TR, but the feeling was not reciprocated. Roosevelt’s daughter Alice later said:
They were too much the same. Father was like a former debutante meeting the prize of the new season of debutantes.”

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