1896 election financing

Since we are fully into the Presidential election of 2016, here is a bit about McKinley’s backing in the 1896 election. This is from Scott Miller, The President and the Assassin: McKinley, Terror, and Empire at the Dawn of the American Century. New York: Random House. 2011.

P 28: Regarding McKinley’s campaign financing: “As Republican boosters pulled wad after wad of bills out of their office safes, Hanna organized the first comprehensive mass mailing in American political history. Booklets, pamphlets, posters, and ready-to-print newspaper and magazine articles on McKinley were distributed to even the most isolated communities by overflowing train cars. The Review of Reviews reported that the 250 million republican documents printed during this one campaign exceeded the sum of everything produced since the founding of the party by more than 50 percent. Lithographs, cartoons, and posters displayed McKinley as the ‘advance agent of prosperity,’ while cartoons in Harper’s Weekly painted Bryan as an anarchist and an Antichrist.”

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