Niles Daily News article September 11, 1915

“People Surprised by Lack of Notice of Ceremony,” Niles Daily News, September 11, 1915. Retrieved 7.15.2015 from
An article about the lack of an official groundbreaking ceremony appeared in the September 11, 1915 Niles Daily News. Plans had been to include the groundbreaking as part of the Labor Day celebration that year, however the invitation to participate was issued about a week prior to Labor Day. However, most likely due to the lateness of the invitation’s issuance, the ground breaking could not be held on Labor Day. Readers expressed surprise that there was no advance notice of groundbreaking on September 9, remarking that everyone had an interest in it. It was unknown why there was much secrecy as to when the groundbreaking occurred.
According to well-respected, but unnamed local businessman:
“The general understanding of the people is that this is a public project. It is not understood it is the enterprise of any particular individual or set of individuals. The funds for the structure have been subscribed by many thousands of persons. The people of Niles have bonded themselves in the sum of $125,000 for a site for the structure. In addition as individuals, societies and lodges they have given tens of thousands of dollars toward the construction fund. Yet when the time comes for the breaking of ground for the Memorial the people of Niles are given no information of it. Citizens are beginning to ask what is the matter. They are inquiring what is the meaning of the policy being pursued locally by certain persons with respect to the memorial.”
The article goes on to state that the people of Niles were greatly interested in the groundbreaking and that no arrangements were made. A statement about this was forthcoming.

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