Ohio and McKinley Firsts

in honor of the fact that the first traffic signal was installed in Cleveland on this date, here is a list of “Ohio Firsts”:


And here is a list of McKinley firsts:

Top Eighteen List of McKinley Firsts

He was the last president that served in the Civil War.

He was the first man in his hometown to volunteer when the Civil War broke out. He worked in a regiment commanded by another future president, Rutherford B. Hayes.

He was the first President to insist that his wife sit beside him at State dinners, so he could assist her if she became ill.

He was the first president to use campaign buttons.

He was the first president to appear on film. Thomas Edison made a short film of McKinley.

McKinley was the first to campaign by telephone.[1]

The Campaign of 1896 was the first to extensively use campaign memorabilia such as political pins.

William McKinley was the first president to ride in an automobile. He took a ride in November 1899 in a Stanley Steamer driven by Stanley Motor Carriage Co. co-founder Freelan O. Stanley.

In 1897 William McKinley became the first president to review the inaugural parade from a glass-enclosed stand as protection from the weather.[2]

The White House had its first electric elevator installed in 1898 [during McKinley’s first term][3]

In 1897, President William McKinley took the oath of office at the first inauguration recorded on movie film and gramophone record.[4]

In 1900, Mrs. McKinley granted permission to Abby Gunn Baker to research and write the first history of the White House china. The McKinleys also refurbished the Blue Room in the Colonial Revival style—the first example of the style on the state floor.[5]

McKinley was the first to develop and use a systematized press operation.

He was the first to have a news summary.

He was the first President to make the White House a news center.

Under McKinley, the Republican Party became the first to use a Victrola to record a candidate’s comments.

The Spanish-American War was the first war to be managed from a White House War Room connected to military headquarters in Washington, DC and the field by both phone and telegraph.

McKinley was the first President to visit California.[6] On April 29, 1901, the McKinleys began a cross-country train tour from San Francisco. Railroad syndicates on whose rails the eight-car train traveled, absorbed the entire $75,000 cost of the trip.[7]

On May 6, 1901 Ida McKinley became the first American First Lady to enter a foreign country by attending a joint breakfast reception of the women of Texas and Mexico held in Juarez, Mexico.[8]

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