Mother McKinley postcard

The third in the series of postcards donated by Eva Doyle. This card features a photo of “Mother McKinley” [Nancy Allison McKinley]. The card also features the following poem.
“In brains he was rich,
not in dollars;
Of ancestry sturdy,
could boast;
But the teachings revered,
Of his Mother,
Were the things that were
helping him most.

She had taught him those
lessons, which manhood
Can find in no law book,
or creed;
They came on the echoes
from childhood;
Giving strength for each
purpose and deed.”

These cards were sold at the McKinley Birthplace Memorial and Historical Museum, which was the original house.

Of particular note on the back of the card is message from Woodrow Wilson dated January 28, 1914, which is printed on the card. Wilson congratulates Mr. and Mrs. Wess on their efforts to restore and preserve the house, as a “fitting tribute to a distinguished statesman whose memory we all revere.” However, the cards were also to be used to encourage people to come to the house, as the text ends with the words “Visit McKinley’s Birthplace.” So I will paraphrase this and say, “Visit the McKinley Birthplace Museum, please.”

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