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That the National McKinley Birthplace Memorial was designed by the renowned architectural firm of McKim, Mead, and White? A “blind” architectural competition was held, in which six architectural firms submitted designs. Each design was “signed” only with a number. The numbers were also placed on six corresponding envelopes, which, once the design was chosen, were opened to reveal the name of the winning firm. The December 1919 Architectural Forum (Volume 31, No. 6, page 205), quotes the following from the program of the architectural competition. It states that the character of the problem is:

The projected memorial will take the form of a monument and a building so grouped as to form an ensemble. The monument will consist of a full-figure statue of President McKinley, with suitable pedestal and architectural setting. The building, while destined for practical service to the community, should nevertheless be designed in the spirit of a memorial.

The article also notes that the requirements of the building were an auditorium, a public library, a museum room for McKinley memorials and the meeting of local posts of war veterans, offices for trustees, and service rooms.

While the museum is no longer located in the “relic room” in the library wing, we are located in the balcony above the auditorium. Why not come and visit today and see what we have?

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