McKinley and his Escort to Washington

Came across this photo while digitizing the collection yesterday. This is part of the George Bechtel Collection. It is interesting because all of the people in the picture are listed, by name, under the image. Here is further info about the image.

Cabinet photo of President-elect McKinley and his escort to Washington, the Ohio National Guard’s Eighth Infantry. The caption reads “President-elect Wm. McKinley and Officers of the Eighth Infantry, Ohio National Guard, his Escort to Washington, at his home in Canton, Ohio December 4th, 1896.” Names are printed below the photo but above the caption. Name listed are: Dr. George H. Wochter, Ass’t Surgeon; Dr. A.V. Smith, Ass’t Surgeon; Lt. Col. C.V. Hard; Captain A.B. Critchfield; Capt. Harry Freas; 1st Lt. J.S. McClure; 1st Lt. H.L. Willis; 1st. Lt. M.A. Fisher; 1st Lt. W.W. Moore; Capt. F.C. Lee; Capt. Wm. M. Hill; Capt. H.O.S. Hiestand, U.S.A.; Major Edwd. Vollrath; 2nd Lt. M.S. Robinson; Rev. J.C. Kauffman, Chaplain; Capt. C.C. Weybrecht; 2nd Lt. W.R. Worley; 2nd Lt. T.H. Jones; Dr. E.C. Farquhar, Surgeon; Capt. H.L. Kuhns, I.R.P; Capt. F.S. Marquis; 2nd Lt. W.O. Rutherford; 1st Lt. S.M. Swartz; 2nd Lt. F.C. Gerlack; 1st Lt. J.W. Birk; 2nd Lt. W.T. Reid; Col. Geo. R. Gyger; Major Wm. McKinley; Q.M. A.A. Bartlett; Capt. A.B. Peckinpaugh; 1st Lt. H.J. Blackburn; Capt. M.A. Charlton; Major F.C. Bryan; 1st Lt. F. Beverstock; Bat. Adjt. C.F. Schaber; Capt. J.M. Lessley.

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